Virus Killer Reusable Cloth Mask

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Reusable, Washable Mask!

USA, Virus Killer
FDA #: 50283799, 
US Patent#: 62984763
Trademark #:88819662

1. Filters coated with fermented sea salt
VK Mask uses melt-blown filters coated with fermented sea salt.  This fermented sea salt is harvested in the organic environment of the sun and the wind of Baja California.

2. Science on Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacteria Filters
Melt Blown Salt Coated filters within VK Masks kill viruses and bacteria on contact and remain functional for up to 3 weeks.

3. VK Mask is Patented
VK Mask on guard! The patented virus filters are treated with fermented sea salt from Baja California to maximize security against inhaling bacteria, viruses, dust, and other pollutants. US Patent Serial Number 62984763

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