Peony Flower Soap Bar, 100% Handmade Natural Soap, Best Gift For Loved Ones

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Catch your wealth and happiness in 2021 with this Peony Flower Soap!
Peony Flower Soap Bar, 100% Handmade Natural Soap, will bring Wealth and Happiness to Your Family, Best Gift For Loved Ones

Peony Flower is a flower that has a meaning of Wealth and happiness.

We wish you this Peony flower soap will bring you hope and happiness as you use it to wash off all bad lucks and harmful stuff: germs & bacterias on a daily basis :)

This is the best gift of all for your loved ones especially in 2021.

Why don't you bring this soap of beauty with a delicate scent to your bathroom? :)

100% handmade with natural and organic ingredients.

Size: 3 inch / 2.25 inch / 1 inch
Weight of Soap: appx 4.1 oz
Material: Camellia seed oil, Vitamin E Chamaecyparis Obtusa water, Lylac F.O

** Camellia seed oil is typically used sparingly, and it is helpful for improving the appearance and texture of skin.
** Vitamin E helps the immune system, cell function, and skin health. It is an antioxidant, effective in combating the effects of active oxygen produced by the metabolism of food and toxins. Vitamin E can help reduce UV rays on your skin.

+ Natural Soap, Organic Soap
+ Peony flower Soap Bar
+ Flower shape soap
+ New Year Symbol
+ Unique Gift
+ MP Soap
+ Artisan Soap
+ Chamaecyparis Obtusa Water