Nano Filter Virus/Dust Protection Mask

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Fine-dust will be filtered on the densely tangled Air queen Nano fabric. It filters through a Nano fabric structure instead of static that KF94 & KN95 use for virus & dust prevention.  Nano technology maintains high filtering efficiency for 24 hours even when it contacts with moisture which weaken efficiency of KF94 and KN95 filtration. 

Nano-Beyondtex structure density is 0.1μm (micrometre), which is smaller than virus and germ (0.2~10μm). On the other hands, KF94 & N95 mask (0.4μm), filters any harmful particles and viruses with static. these masks will not as efficient as our nano filter mask if masks are moisturized.  

[ How to use the product ]
1. Wear the mask to cover your nose and chin.
2. Hook each strap over your ear to lock them in place.
3. Press the nose piece with the fingers of both hands so that mask is in close contact with your face.
4. Cover the entire mask with both hands adjust it to fit the face to mask sure there is no air leakage.

[Precautions for Use]
1. Make sure NOT to place towel, tissue, etc. inside of the mask.
2. Do not use if the inside of the mask i contaminated.
3. Do not wash for use.
4. Do not crush or deform the mask.
5. Do not touch the surface of the mask after wearing.
6. If you are a pregnant women, a child, a senior citizen, a patient suffering from respiratory track or cardiovascular disease and feel uncomfortable in breathing when you wear the mask
please discontinue using immediately and consult your doctor or other specialist if necessary.

In a sealed pack at a room temperature.

non-woven(outer, filter, lining), plastic coated wire, polypropylene loop, nylon string

[ Size ] Large
           W : 207 mm
           H : 75 mm

Made in Korea