KN95 Potective Respirator Mask FFP2, JJO (10masks)

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[ KN95 Protective Respirator Mask FFP2 ]
Protective Respirator KN 95 MASK
*** This mask fits for women. It may be a bit small for men. ***

- Made of four layers of non woven fabric and melt-blown fabric, respirator tape, and nose clip by press heat machine.

1. Hold the respirator in hand, the fingertip is located in the nose clip, let the ear band fall naturally.
2. Put the respirator over the face and make sure that the nose strip of the respirator is close to the nose to ensure tightness.
3. Pull the ear band behind the ear.
4. Use two hands to adjust the whereabouts of the nose strips to ensure tightness.

[ Detail ]
- Ear band is long and thick, less painful by feeling pulled to the ear
- Recommended for women or children to wear
- Recommended for people working in cold places.
- The mask is the best device to protect yourself. Even if it's a little stuffy, make sure to wear it.

[ Color ] White
[ Size ] Medium small - 160 mm*130 mm*105 mm (For woman and child)
[ Shelf life ] 3 years (unopened)
[Package] 2 masks per pack, one box has 5 packs (total of 10 masks)

>> KN 95 mask, the same grade as N 95 and KF 94,
: 4 layered filters block 95%