Best Virus Protective KN95 Face Mask FDA, CE Approved Mask

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*** This is one of the top reputed and protective KN95 respirator masks in the market for Non-medical Use. ***

KN 95 with Four Layers
1. Outer layer: as strong support, the heavy waterproof non-woven fabric can greatly increase the effective filtering area;
the mouth and mask form a certain space, making the body feel more comfortable.
2. Primary effect layer: filter large particles and protect filter layer material.
3. Thickened melt-brown filter layer: KN 95 electrostatic melt-blown material, filter efficiency > 95%
4. Inner spunlaced non-woven: good quality determines the comfort of wearing.

[ Wearing Instructions. ]
1. OPEN - Hold the mask on your mask with your hands and hold it against your chin.
2. FIT - Hold the mask with one hand, and hand the ear band gently on both sides of the ear with the other hand.
3. Adjust - Adjust the ear band and mask to fit the face and keep it close.
4. Adjust the mask as a whole to make it comfortable to wear and check the sealing.

[ Scope Of Application ]
The protective mask can prevent any fine dust & bacteria
This is for over 8 years old.
*** Press the nose clip and adjust the ear band to form a good fit.
Make sure to check the fit between the mask and the face before use.
Good sealing helps to achieve the expected protective effect of the mask.

- Ear band is long and thick, less painful by feeling pulled to the ear
- Recommended for women or children to wear
- Recommended for people working in cold places.
- The mask is the best device to protect yourself. Even if it's a little stuffy, make sure to wear it.

[ Name ] KN 95 Protective Mask
[ Color ] White
[ Size ] Large W:200 mm H:75mm
[ Exp. Date ] 04.2023
[ Ingredients ] Non-woven fabric, melt-blown fabric, Spunlaced fabric, aluminum nose clip, elastic ear band.
[ Storage ] Room Temperature

KN 95: that is the same grade as N 95, KF 94
4 layered filters block 95%
Individually package.