500pcs BEST Quality Disposable Gloves, Multipurpose Non Slippery Plastic Gloves

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This is better-quality, thicker poly gloves that you can hardly find in the market at this affordable price. 
Many Chinese-made poly plastic gloves are so slippery, and thin that easily tear while in-use. 

This is a product, made in Korea that will surely help your job to be nailed down.
Don't be fooled by lower prices.
Go for quality, durable, non-slippery poly gloves to protect your hands from any harmful things,
and get your job done fast and satisfactorily. 

Product description


Stronger And Thicker

The high quality polyethylene material used in these clear gloves is tough enough to handle anything you need it to. 

To ensure your food prep gloves don’t tear and don’t get stretched out, they have been made using tough poly material that won’t rip or tear, and the food handler gloves are also resistant to over stretching.

Embossed Design

When using these plastic disposable gloves, you won’t have to worry about things slipping out of your hands. 

The disposable food gloves have been made with a textured design on the hands, ensuring a non-slip grip for your hands.

Well Packaged

You can trust that your non-sterile gloves for food preparation will arrive clean and safe. 

Our disposable gloves come inside a package that has been reinforced to provide adequate strength during shipping and throughout usage.

Great To Wear

The clear plastic gloves allow for flexibility during use, and it will feel like there is nothing on your hands.

The poly gloves are free from latex, nitrile, and other materials that can cause irritation.

Suitable For Several Purposes

You can use our disposable gloves for more than just food handling gloves, too.

These clear gloves disposable are also ideal for use while cleaning your home or care, while coloring your hair, to keep your hands clean while working in the garden, and more.


  • Quantity: 500 plastic gloves disposable
  • Size: One size fits most
  • Color: Clear gloves
  • Usage: Food prep gloves, cleaning plastic gloves
    Package Dimensions : 7.28 x 6.69 x 3.27 inches; 1.84 Pounds

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